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Christmas Calm

Step off the merry-go-round and find that last minute Christmas Calm

I love Christmas but the run up to it can feel a bit like a physical and mental marathon by getting caught up in what feels like an endless merry go round. In this final week why not take a step back from it all. Be mindful, enjoy the moment. Try some of these ways to help you press pause..

Ease the tension in your jaw.

This is an area we often carry stress in but don't realise it. And it can create additional stress in the neck and head. So to loosen off the jaw, open your mouth as wide as possible and hold for 30 seconds, breathing slowly through the nose. Close the mouth then with your fingertips massage in circles the area of the jaw by the ear. Then repeat the process again. And relax.


Aid sleep with the herbs cardamom and nutmeg. When you need to unwind the soothing properties of these herbs are perfect. Whilst warming a cup of milk add 2 Cardamon pods, then when ready it's ready grate some nutmeg on top to finish.


It's very easy to stay in doors when the to do list starts growing and the stress builds. But by going for a brisk walk raises your heart rate, boosts circulation and releases those feel good endorphins. You'll feel a lot better after. Even better go for your walk in the park or somewhere with nature and be mindful as you walk. Smell the air, listen to the sounds, watch the trees. Connecting with nature and grounding yourself has an immensely relaxing effect.


Try adding a few strands of mood lifting saffron to your green tea for a mood boost. And add liquorice powder for an extra boost of energy.


Take a moment at any point in the day to sit. And just be still. Focus on your breathe for just a few minutes. Through the nose take a slow deep breathe to the count of 4, hold for 2 seconds and slowly release out for 4. Repeat this time taking 6 seconds to breathe out. Relax and repeat. You can expand on this moment of pause by using a guided meditation by Apps like Headspace. They can be a great tool to use especially when you may be feeling overwhelmed.


Inhale the aroma. Use the power of essential oils to help create calm at home and when you're out and about. Place a few drops of a calming essential oil such as lavender or frankincense in with a tablespoon of almond or grape seed oil and massage on to your wrists and temples so that you can inhale throughout the day. Alternatively place a few drops in a small dish of water and place on the radiator. The essential oils will diffuse in to the air to be inhaled by you! Lighting an aromatherapy candle can also be incredibly soothing. Make sure you choose a candle like the ones that we stock, Wildheart Organics, so that you know you are inhaling pure essential oils and no nasty chemicals.


If the sniffles have arrived then fight them off by having a ginger tea with lemon and honey. This is rich in immune supportive vitamin C and the antimicrobial properties in honey. Grate a nub of ginger in to a saucepan with a tsp of cinnamon and Thyme. Cover with water and simmer. Then add lemon and honey to taste. Taking elderberry syrup or an echinacea tincture can be an additional support for the immune system too.


Finally if you can schedule the time, pop in to clinic for an hour out of the chaos and have a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment like Reflexology or massage. This will stimulate the nervous system, reduce that tension and induce a great sense of calm.

Try to do some of these suggestions, give it a go and go easy on yourself. Take the time out to give yourself a boost and enjoy this moment. 

Merry Christmas xx

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    Step off the merry-go-round and find that last minute Christmas Calm

  • Published on: 18th Dec 2017
  • Written by: Jennifer Green