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We are holding a charity fundraiser for the week of Monday 30th April to Sunday 6th May to raise money for local charity Sunflowers!

Sunflowers is a wonderful, independent charity that provides support to people with cancer and their families and has done for the last 30years. It can provide support from the time diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. It offers great services such as counselling, complementary healthcare, mindfulness, retreat days and exercise rehabilitation. Last year the NHS stopped funding this charity and it needs all the support it can get to remain open.

So we are here to help!

All week we will be holding a raffle for items like one of our Tranquility Gift Boxes. There will be a cake sale, competitions like 'guess the baby therapist', some taster sessions with all money going straight to the charity. Our kind therapists are also donating some of their treatments directly to the charity.

So if you have been thinking of booking in for a while, why not make it that week and your money will be able to go directly to the charity and help those local people in need of support right now.

And of course there will always be a donation bucket here, so if you just want to drop by and drop some coins in the bucket you will always be warmly welcomed.

See you then!

Our facebook page will be updated daily with more details.

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    Fundraiser for Sunflowers Cancer Care charity Monday 30th April - Sunday 6th May

  • Published on: 20th Apr 2018
  • Written by: Jennifer Green