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A quick guide to accessing health insurance through Jennifer Green Therapies. 

If you are part of a private medical insurance scheme then you may be able to have some of your treatments through your insurance. It very much depends on which provider you are with and whether it is a personal plan or a plan through work. Examples of providers we currently work with are Medicash, Simply Health and Red Arc. One of our osteopaths Gary is now registered with Bupa.
Claiming on your insurance is really easy. For the likes of Medicash and Simply Health you pay for your treatment up front and we issue a receipt. You then post this receipt off and they refund you the money paid. Other insurance providers do not require you to pay anything up front and instead we invoice them independently. We are always happy to communicate with insurance providers to help you be able to have as many treatments as you need.

Below is a rough guide to which therapists are suitably registered for what treatments.

Holistic Therapies (Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage) Qualifications are VTCT and FHT approved:
Jennifer Green, Helen Wentworth-Wood, Nicola Wilson, Sally Wynne

Osteopathy: All registered with the G.O.C
Gary Sharp (additionally registered with Bupa), Jason Smith, Gillian Parr

Chiropody: All registered with the H.P.C
Jan Stennings, Chris Hunter

Physiotherapy: All registered with the H.P.C
Peter Murdoch, Karl Humphreys

Acupuncture: B.Ac.C registered:
Jennifer Green, Lynne Grant

Medicash requires Sports Massage to be carried out by an HPC physiotherapist. Both of our physiotherapists, Peter Murdoch and Karl Humphreys are HPC registered and both qualified in sports massage.
Other insurers vary with qualifications. Jennifer Green has qualifications for sports/remedial massage with the L.C.S.P and Sally Wynne has qualifications with V.T.C.T

If you wish to take advantage of your insurance and have some treatments then check with your insurance what cover you have and what therapist qualifications are needed and please mention this at the time of booking so that you can be allocated the correct therapist. Unfortunatley we cannot be held responsible for incorrect bookings when the need for insurance was not mentioned.

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    A quick guide to accessing health insurance through Jennifer Green Therapies.

  • Published on: 16th Nov 2016
  • Written by: Jennifer Green