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Price Increase May 2018

It is never a pleasant conversation to have, but we have not had a price increase for a few years and unfortunatley we now need to have one. There has been lots of increases in prices from electricity and water to pencils and loo-rolls!

Here are the new prices of treatments as of May 1st 2018. 

Thank you for your co-operation. 


Acupuncture    £36

Physiotherapy   £36

Osteopathy   £36

Sports Injury Massage £36

Remedial Massage
focused/full body  £36/£47

Pregnancy massage
focused/full body  £36/£47

Chiropody   £27

Detox Massage  £47

Indian Head Massage  £35

Aromatherapy   £35

Reflexology   £32

Colonic Hydrotherapy £47

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  • Published on: 20th Apr 2018
  • Written by: Jennifer Green