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When the kids have their break don’t forget yours!

tips for trying to catch a few rejuvenating minutes in a chaotic few weeks of summer. 

Schools are out. So far It may have been a blissful week of soaking up all those extra hugs you have missed while your little ones have been in school. But by now the cracks may be starting to show and you may be craving a wee bit of ‘you time’. Time for you to pause, breathe, recharge and reset. With the chaos that school holidays bring this is easier said than done I hear you say. But there ARE a few things that you can do super quickly to help your body and your mind pause and come down a level. The trick is finding what works for you. And once you have found things that work, force those moments in to your schedule. No one likes being a ‘shouty mummy’ when you’re tired and ‘on edge’ as you have spent an entire day being pulled in all directions. So make an effort to recharge yourself just as much as you recharge your phone.

Here are a few suggestions to try out. Some you can try once the kiddies are in bed, others you can try while letting the kiddies have their own quiet time reading or watching a movie. You could even try to encourage your little ones to try their own version of relaxation remedies. Teaching our children the importance of relaxation is a great skill to encourage in the world they will grow up in.
Give the suggestions a go for a few days, take note of how you feel after each one, then make a conscious effort to do one every day and you’ll notice a big difference in those stress levels.

Get outside
Fresh air is one of the most refreshing things. And being in nature can be such a grounding experience. This could be simply taking your brew outside to sit and soak up the fresh air. Or better still kick off your shoes and walk on the grass letting your feet be stimulated and give yourself a mini reflexology session.

Play some music and have a good dance. Think of your favourite get up and go tracks. Get the kiddies up and get your body moving. Shake all your wobbly bits and feel the rejuvenation and energy surging through to your core. Then sit or lie down and listen to a more calmer piece of music and notice how the energy now moves around your body. Absorb that energy.

Deep breathing
When we feel overwhelmed or stressed we often just breathe from our chest rather than our bellies.
Print out our picture of our star breathing method and sit comfortably. Place a hand on your belly. Follow the lines of the star slowly breathing in so that your hand on your belly moves, pausing and breathing out. After a few minutes your cortisol levels will be lower and your body calmer.
You could even get the kiddies to colour their own star and practice this themselves.

Embrace the power of aromatherapy.
This can be anything from lighting an essential oil candle such as Wildheart Organic candles (make sure they are true essential oils and not fragrances so that you get the medicinal effect of the oils), dropping a few drops in a bath once the kids are in bed, or purchase a rollerball where you roll on the oil on to your wrists to be absorbed and inhaled throughout the day, especially in stressful moments. We stock a lovely one from Yorkshire Lavender which smells divine and is easy to transport around in your bag to use throughout the day. The first few times you use aromatherapy try and combine it with 5-10 minutes of sitting quietly and doing some deep breathing so that in the future as soon as you smell the aroma on your wrist it will remind you of that peaceful time and instantly help induce calm.
Good essential oils to choose: lavender, neroli, geranium, bergamot.

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  • Published on: 05th Aug 2018
  • Written by: Jennifer Green