Cupping has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Made of glass, plastic, silicone or even bamboo it is a treatment where the practitioner creates a vacuum in the cup then quickly places it on the body. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used to move stagnation of Qi and Blood and is commonly used as part of an acupuncture treatment to ease tense muscles and help treat internal disharmony. 

Cupping has now found its way in to westernised medicine and it commonly referred to as myofascial decompression. The suction created by the cups facilitates a stretch or expansion in the fascia or soft tissue beneath. The therapist can then use a gliding technique to encourage the tissue to further release where needed. This release can help remove restrictions in movement from stiffness and tension. By having a vasodilation effect, circulation and lymphatic drainage is encouraged in a way similar to massage. Consequently massage will often be used within a cupping treatment. The cups themselves will only be left on for approximately 15-20 minutes. 

Cupping itself isn’t painful. However you do commonly see the familiar circular marks where static cups have been placed. Not all cupping will result in this, it very much depends on what condition is being treated.  Conditions that may benefit from cupping: Chronic painGeneralised tensionArthritisSports injuries Stress relief.

Treatment Cost: £40

Treatment Duration: 40 min