Covid Policy

Key Policy Steps

1. Treatment Spacing

Treatments will be spaced out, allowing 10-15 minutes between treatments, to ensure you don't encounter anyone on arrival.

2. Soft Furnishings

All soft furnishings in clinic are now disposable or wipeable to ensure all items /surfaces can be disinfected between treatments. Single use sheets, blankets or foil blankets will be used.

3. Soap + Disinfectant

As has always been the case our therapists follow strict guidelines on the washing of hands.

4. Opening Doors

Our main door in to the treatment room hallway will now remain open. We ask you to try and keep noise to a minimum so as to let those undergoing treatment relax fully. All door handles are disinfected after each patient.

5. Masks

Our therapists and reception team will be wearing a mask on arrival and we have also spaced chairs in treatment rooms 2m apart. We ask that you bring your own mask but we will have spares should you require to purchase one on the day.

6. Reception Room

Our reception area has been rearranged to provide maximum social distancing. We have removed unnecessary items but kept our shop products for you to purchase and enjoy.

Our receptionists will now be behind a Perspex screen, but will continue to provide their service with the warm nature they are known for. You will be asked to read a poster to check that you have no symptoms and have not been in known contact with anyone with symptoms. Your therapist will then document this.

7. Clothing

Some of our therapists will have specially dedicated clothes for clinic use that have been cleaned, disinfected and have travelled to clinic in an air tight, plastic clothes cover. Our therapists may look a little different to what you would normally see.

8. Non-Patients (3rd Parties)

Anyone that enters the clinic (e.g he landlord, the cleaner, other therapists) will be subject to the same stringent health and safety rules. They are also required to sign a disclaimer on entry stating they are a-symptomatic.

10 Golden Tips - Before and during treatment

1. Check symptoms

Do you have a cough or fever? You will be sent a reminder text 24 hours before your appointment to ensure you are fit and well.

2. Bathroom

The bathroom is still open for use however I encourage you to use your own bathroom before and after treatment.

3. Wait in car

Please do not arrive too early. You may be asked to wait in a separate room to avoid encountering others.

4. Wash and disinfect

On arrival, please sanitise you’re hands immediately as you enter the clinic

5. Mask

Out of courtesy, I ask that you wear a mask at all times whilst in clinic, until we get further guidance on this from GOV / WHO.

6. High risk patients

We will still be seeing all patients. However, if you are high risk (pregnant, elderly, chronic health issues) then I ask that you are extra vigilant in your pre-treatment self-assessment of symptoms.

7. Coughs and sneezes

Please adhere to good hygiene practice and cough / sneeze into the crook of your elbow to avoid spreading of germs.

8. Payment

We kindly ask you to try and pay by card on the day.

9. Drinking and reading

It's with sadness that I will not be able to offer you cups of tea or magazines to read during your visit. It is our hope that this will change in the future and the waiting area will become a space of peace and relaxation once again.

Any suggestions?

We want to ensure that you feel like your health and safety is catered for from the moment you book your appointment to the moment you walk out of the door. If there is anything we can do in advance of your treatment, please email