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Our skilled chiropodists offer advice and treatments for all types of foot problems, for both adults and children. We make sure we provide the most advanced care.


Treatments include nail trimming, corn and callous removal, verrucas and ingrowing toe nails, blisters, bunions or athletes foot, as well as general foot care advice including suitable shoes to prevent foot problems.

Our aim is to not only diagnose and treat foot conditions but also prevent these problems. Your feet and your family's foot health are important. We recommend annual foot checks for all members of the family. Our chiropodists are skilled in screening and health education, so a visit to the Chiropodist need not always be about sore feet.

Our Chiropodists are registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC).

We can provide receipts to claim back the cost of treatment with most insurers such as Medicash, Simply Health and Health Shields.  Care home enquiries are more than welcome.

For more information see the HPC chiropody page


Verruca Care

A verruca is a viral infection that usually leaves the body within 12-18 months if left untreated. Consequently current NHS guidelines state that there is no guaranteed method of killing the virus.
However a build up of hard skin around the verruca can cause pain so it can be helpful for the skin to be shaved and padded and for other chemicals to be topically applied such as silver nitrate and salicylic acid all with the aim of destroying the virus.
At the Allerton Health Centre verrucas are treated by our chiropodist Chris, who works here on a Saturday. He also offers additional advice on any topical treatments that may be helpful for you to use at home.

Treatment Info

Treatment Cost

Chiropody - £28

Treatment Duration

Approximately 20 minutes

On your initial session please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment to allow time to complete your patient record card.

Booking and Questions

To book or find out more please telephone reception on:
0151 734 5909


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Jan has worked in the National Health Service for 33 years (D.Pod M, MSChP)