Jackie Robertson

Qualifying as a physiotherapist in 2005 - she worked in Aintree Hospital until 2009 when she left to work in private practice mainly focusing on musculoskeletal conditions.

She trained as a Pilates instructor and did a course for ante/postnatal and was astounded at her lack of knowledge of the changes that happen to a woman's body. This led to her journey in becoming a pelvic health specialists. Jackie now specialises in all things women's pelvic health.

Conditions such as urinary incontinence, bowel problems, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, painful sex, pregnancy pain and Mummy MOT/postnatal assessment. This is a bespoke session for anyone who has had a baby looking at your movement patterns, breathing, tummy muscles, pelvic floor examination and safe return to exercises/advice.

The pelvis is the central fulcrum of the body, houses multiple organs, has multiple upper and lower body attachments and a whole lot of fascia and neural tissues. This means a whole lot fo changes and issues can occur due to hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy adaptations, birthing issues, surgical procedures and general wear and tear. This small area of the body has a LOT going on without considering all the jobs your pelvic floor has to do.So if you have any problem you would like to discuss you can arrange for a telephone or email consultation prior to your appointment.