Lymphatic Drainage Therapy: course of 3 focused sessions

Manual Lymphatic drainage has powerful cleansing, relaxing, pain relieving and immunological effects.

It is used primarily to promote the optimal functioning of the lymphatic vessels that lead to the circulatory system; to facilitate the removal of metabolic waste, excess water, toxins, bacteria and foreign substances from tissues via the lymph vessels and venous capillaries. It also relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, reduces pain and enhances the activity of the immune system.

It is an effective treatment for a wide range of problems including oedema, skin disorders, headache, sinus congestion, stress, digestive disorders, pre and post surgery, and post mastectomy therapy to reduce oedema and relieve pain and tension.

Whilst the techniques of lymphatic drainage are light to the touch, don’t be fooled by this. Lymphatic drainage therapy can have quite strong effects on the body.

This course of 3 focused sessions is ideal for patients who have more medical concerns such as swollen legs, post operative oedema, lymphoedema from breast cancer, post cosmetic surgery treatments and pregnancy swelling.

The session will always begin with treatment around your clavicle (collar bone) where the main drainage ducts are and then follow on to the area of concern.

These treatments are done by Sarah, a physiotherapist with extensive specialist training in lymphatic therapy.

Treatment Cost: £141

Treatment Duration: 3 treatments